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Here at AJAMODELS, we strive to create models that no-one has dared to do; model kits that should have been created years ago!  But now AJAMODELS has made these available through intensive research, patience, and the passion to create.  

 The new book '2001: The Lost Science  - The Scientists, Influences and Designs from The Frederick I. Ordway III Estate' is for sale at your favorite retailer.  This is an extensive view of the late Fred Ordway's work as an historian, scientist and researcher in the History of Rocketry and Space Travel.  Includes the important information from Marshall's Advanced Projects Office brought to Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick to start  the science, technology and design work developed for the masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey".   The book includes a large gatefold poster of conceptual  spacecraft,  interviews, and documents by dozens of aerospace companies developed for the US space program, but was used as a basis for the film.

Go to to get your copy today! 


July 2015 News:  I have recently completed a studio scale model of the Orion III space plane for Atomic City Models.  This is the most accurate model of this iconic spaceship ever created, and measures 42.5" long.


The book '2001: The Lost Science  - the Frederick I. Ordway III Collection' is sold out. This is an extensive view of the US Space & Rocket Center archives on the science and technology developed for Kubricks' masterpiece "2001: A Space Odyssey" by his prime consultant Dr. Fred Ordway.   The book includes an extensive DVD with Interviews, 3D walk-throughs, and documents by Honeywell, IBM,  NAA etc. developed for the US space program, but was used as a basis for the film. 

Reviews of the book are outstanding, and is considered to be THE reference book on the films' scientific production work.

Check out articles of our Space Clipper Booster, Aries 1B and Chinese Satellite in :Sci fi & Fantasy Modeller . Available at your favorite retailer.!! 



        !!NOTE: NO LONGER AVAILABLE: The four '2001' bombs.!!

In this website, you'll find model kits for sale, kits I have created for clients, as well as a page showing the many models I have created since I was 13 years old...   I put them up here for historical interest as well as documenting the artwork over the course of my life.


Regards, and thanks for looking! 

Adam Johnson  - [email protected]  

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